Many people live without the consciousness of how they create their own life, not knowing, therefore, that they can change it anytime.

They usually complain about: their jobs, their bad relationships, that nobody loves them, that they have lack of money but a lot of health problems!!!
Living with all these it is not easy, so they excuse themselves, blaming their parents, the school, the society, their boss, the crisis and the whole world around them, never admitting that their decisions and actions led them to their current reality.

The KEY program is a process that will help you become the best version of yourself.

It will help you to become aware of yourself, to focus your decisions and actions on achieving the desired results and not just unconsciously react to a randomly happening life.


This program helps you, not only, to improve existing skills and competence, but also to develop new ones that you need to move forward. It teaches you how to break down barriers and overcome obstacles, how to improve your relationships and your self-confidence, discover your purpose, passion and desires

Probably you already red self-help books, attended a series of courses, seminars or workshops, and most probably you had some enthusiastic days, but however, after a while you realized that nothing has changed!!!

You continue to live the same stressful life with difficult relationships, health, and financial problems.

This happens because the information you got, shows how your life should be but doesn’t teach you how to live that life. It might show you the way but doesn’t give you guidance and support on it. That type of self-development knowledge will only sharpen your desire for change and remind you that your dreams are ultimately possible.

Meanwhile, you have to walk alone, face your biggest fears, confronting all your obstacles, without anyone to cheer you up, to give you support and encourage you to continue when the path twists and the desire to give up begins to grow within you!!!
The road to your success must be made in your own reality, in your own shoes.

It´s essential to be prepared for the change, to overcome and destroy all barriers and face the fears that imprison you. This is not in the books, and therefore it is necessary for someone to join and guide you on this new journey to success!


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Why do we always face the same situations ?! Why do we fail ?!

Many people could even begin a life changing process. They do the first steps and suddenly doesn´t seems to be that easy and simple as they were told to. Every step they take, new obstacles are rising, higher and stronger. They begin to doubt the program and themselves too. They think that nothing works, and everything is a lie. These experiences create a wrong belief and it will imprison them more.
Experience is something very dangerous because many people meeting their dark side, despair and give up before they can enlighten themselves.
For the change to happen, you need to light up all your darkness. Without that, probably due to your unconscious fears and reactions, it is virtually impossible to achieve the desired outcome, alone.
All your actions are made unconsciously, based on your own experiences, and because you think that those are the right ones you stuck to them and get caught up in the same reactions. But same reactions get you the same results.
Change requires dedications, perseverance, and patience in learning how to consciously response in accordance with the desired outcome.
Learning involves entering, deliberately into new situations. But all new scares so alone you can easily be lost in this transition.
Admitting that your life needs change or improvements, is not easy. It is not easy to deal with all the initial frustrations, the first falls, the failures, the lack of self-confidence. Even if you are theoretically prepared, the new one always scares, because it’s not natural, it’s out of your box and it’s unknown to you.

We ourselves are the main actors of our life!

We usually seek change when we are not satisfied with our present life reality, with the results in one or several areas of our lives. Many people realize that something is wrong in their lives, but they are so focused on the problem itself, that they do not even realize where they fail. Unconsciously destroying their lives, sabotaging their relationships, their careers and even their own health. They are not aware of the process that led to these results. Promising themselves, they say that next time they will do everything differently, but not knowing the process itself, what are they going change?
If we only swim in the pool, we will never get to know the sea!
To see what is wrong is easy, but to recognize what led you to this result requires an objective vision, a vision that knows where to look and what to see.

At this moment you may be thinking that you can walk this path alone!
And the truth is that you can!!!

However, you should consider two very important factors, the time you are willing to spend to change your life and the strength that it will require to do it yourself!
For sure, if you decide to make this change by yourself, you have to be aware that it will most likely take much longer than it would with the help of someone objective and emotionally uninvolved and how this will shorten your suffering! On the other hand, if you choose to seek professional help you will ALWAYS have someone by your side to support you in all your moments of weakness.
The fact is that no one wants to harm themselves, but being too involved, it is difficult to realize that we keep making the same mistakes, so we cannot overcome the situation!!! Not being able to change the course of our path, the destination will always be the same unpleasant outcome!

Every human being deserves HAPPINESS, and for this it`s a must to fulfil our dreams. But if the process of it takes to long or brings us suffering, sooner or later we will give up

So, here’s a very important decision to make:

You may continue to suffer alone, having the same pattern of thoughts and using the same tools you have been given so far, and waiting for a different result, or you can choose the support of a professional for whom your life is as important as it is for you. A person who’s fate is to help you to achieve your dreams, to be healthy, to have balanced relationships and to fully develop on a professional level. A person who believes in you, more than you believe in yourself, supports you, guides you, teaches you, drives you, and holds you responsible, with which you will achieve results that you never ever imagined to achieve!!!!

Who should turn to Life Wings coaching?

People believed that talking to a specialist about their thoughts would be pathological and even considered a health problem. So, anxiety, frustration, stress and worries have been treated with antidepressants.
And even worse, healthy people, but who feel sad, lost, unhappy and lacking in self-esteem were considered mentally ill too.
Luckily our generation has already changed, we know that the solution lies in personal development. Those who invest in themselves, in their capabilities, open the path to a happy life full of successes in all areas.
In a nutshell the Life Wings coaching program is for all those who have taken responsibility for their lives, who have the courage to face their own reality, who together with a professional want to create a better world to live in!!!

Does this process have a touchable result?

All this type of process have results! There is no person leaving a program without knowing how to solve their problems and achieve their goals. My main goal is to guide you to the results that you desire, and I do everything is needed to help you to achieve them. If you are dedicated and work hard, then you will certainly reach any goal that you set out for yourself to achieve!!!
Meanwhile a nice experience I had is that, sometimes people arrive with a certain idea about the desired outcome, but they don`t always leave with what they were expecting!!! They leave with something MUCH BETTER, with something they NEVER thought they could reach!!!!

How does Life Wings coaching work?

The program consists of several private sessions, in which, through dialogues between us, we seek to know your current reality, to define objectives and strategies, and to help you to act accordingly to reach your desired goals.
The process has an average duration from 5 to 10 weeks and may vary depending on the needs of each person. The sessions are weekly (or with a different recurrence, if required), can be face-to-face or via chat, and it last for 1 hour.


What do you need to bring?

Nothing! But yourself!
You should be comfortable and feel good for a few hours.

How to access this program?

By phone 960 358 695, by email or by filling out the form below, we book our first meeting that can be realized face-to-face or online but it must be private.

However, because each person is different, all the steps above described may be, in your case, quite different. What has been described is the most common!!!
Of course, the whole process will be shaped for your needs.

Description of the sessions:

Get to know the reality of your current life: good and less good things in it.
Identify the problematic situations you are facing.
Turn your fears into positive energy.
Identify your own abilities, resources and skills, using them to support you in the next steps.
Become aware of how, with your own strength it is possible to achieve EVERYTHING you desire.
Establish the topic and the scheduling of the process.
Review the days gone by, what changed, what got better, what you liked and what you disliked.
Measure the impact and concrete results of your first steps.
How did you feel, what happened good or less good.
What were your reactions and emotions, and what did you like them to be.
How to manage and change your behaviour to eliminate aspects of your life that you don´t like.

Formulate your goals and dreams, if you do not know them yet, we will discover them in detail together.
Discover the “KNOW HOW”, talking about what you can really do to make everything that you dreamed of, turn into reality.
Deepen the topic of the process to establish the next steps.

Review of the previous four weeks and comparing it with your past.
The results at this point will already be visible, concrete, measurable and possible to compare with the old ones.
Detailed analysis of current possibilities, resources and skills.
We will proceed with an evaluation of the process and establish what will happen in the next sessions.
Many times, experiencing new things, even when they are good, we get frightened and go back to old habits because it is unknown/unusual to us. Therefore, it is very important to get self-confidence and certainty that you are solely responsible for the command of your life. That’s exactly what we do during these 4 sessions.
Everything good that has happened to you is your merit, and anything that is less good can change! Your life can only improve!!!
You must move on, taking ALL the steps necessary to achieve your desired goals!!!
In these 4 weeks, you will master the necessary techniques, steps and tools you need to achieve your individual, professional and emotional potential in an autonomous and sustainable way.
It is now that I am going to set you free! For at this moment, you are fully prepared . . .


How much is the Life Wings coaching program?

Many think about monetary value as an expense they could avoid and not as an investment for something that is priceless: their HAPPINESS!!!!
I ensure you that I would be at unease to accept any money in exchange for the program if you feel that your life has not changed or improved in any way!
However, I assure you that I will do everything in my power to make you healthier, to rekindle the light of your marriage, to get you higher in your career, to be able to take the trips of your dreams!
After all our life is unique and precious and nothing is more important than being happy!!!
So our collaboration comes not as an expense, but a good investment in ourselves.


I am so confident in your success, that I guarantee to return all 100% of the value of the program if you do not feel that your life has changed!!!
So, you do not risk anything!!!!!!!

The investment is:
Package of 10 sessions: upon request
Package of 4 + 1 sessions: upon request

To book or get more information you can call:
+351 960 358 695
(9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.) or leave your contact and I will call you as soon as I can.


Looking forward to meeting you!
CriStina Ghencian
(life coach & life design)

*We privacy. We never share your information.