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Definitely to YOU!
Nothing in this world happens by chance. There is no such thing as luck or accident.
Every little thing in your life happens for a certain reason, you may not see it all now but you will, before long.
So if you are reading these words and you get further than the first line this workshop is for you.
If you feel that life is not what you desire and you are determined to change it, then give yourself a chance and pay attention to what I have to say.
It is not enough to be broke, ill, frustrated or stressed in life you have to desire a better world to live in.


A few years ago I was walking in your shoes. I had exactly the same difficulties, fears and frustrations, living the same unfulfilled and meaningless life. I saw people living by their desires, having everything that they want.
So I asked myself: Why am I not doing the same?
I looked for reasons, explanations, solutions . . . and I made it.

I put together the best theories and techniques that helped me to get through and create this program.

There are many legends about personal development and self-knowledge. Many theories and many opinions. And often they are incomprehensible, confusing, mystical and even contradictory. I do not want to talk about beautiful theories, happiness strategies which you are unable to practice in your present self-made “misery”. Those were useless to me too.
What I do is to make you aware of the reality that you live in, about the fact that you are the one responsible for your life and only you have the power to improve it!

This event is a primary level training, meant to awaken you to your own life reality, to give you powerful techniques to overpass obstacles and fears, to set up your own amazing way of life.
During these few hours, I will pass to you all the knowledge and practice that you need to move forward to your desired life.


First, you’ll become aware of why you live your life the way you do, and doesn’t matter how bad it looks you do have everything you need to improve it.
You’ll see that you are not alone and you’ll learn that accepting help is not a weakness.

You`ll get to know yourself.
You´ll find out what droves you and how to get the best of yourself.
Learn to overpass negative feelings and how to instantly FEEL GOOD, empowered and fearless.

You´ll get an authentic map of your reality and a precise image of the desired life.

Manage your relations with others and yourself.
Create easy connections with people.
How to create empathy and why is that so important.

You´ll learn to take responsibility for your own life.
Why act and not just react, and how to do that.
How to switch your mind from a complaining one to a solution looking one.
How to create a structured positive thinking, moulded in your own way, that leads to the riches you desire.

You learn to open your eyes and mind to all possibilities.
How to recognise true desires and dreams and turn them into goals.
How to break them down into pieces that you can easily puzzle.
How to visualise realistic future images in order to create them, why and how that works.

Learn to improve mentally and physically by projecting belief, desire, and expectancy in all your thoughts and actions.


This event is a  4 hours primary level training. With a 20 minutes coffee break. The theoretical and practical parts are organised in an interactive and joyful manner. You don’t have to bring any material, we provide all you need to attend this seminar.


This event is not advertising or selling any other products or programs.
I am offering you the essence of self-development, containing everything you need to succeed on your own.
I walked this road by myself and here I am the living proof that all this works.

9 June 2019 15:00 – 19:00

Mythos Clinic – Rua Fernão Vilarinho, lt.15, lj.4, Meia Praia, Lagos, Portugal


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