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If I am, everything else is. If I am pure love, then everything else also is.

Love and compassion are the only way that we can attain true healing.

Working with unconditional love means to step into one’s dimension with a still mind and a heart full of love.
Acceptance of who we are gives us the chance to clearly see what we are not and release that from our being.
Aligning with our true soul empowers the being for bringing all the beauties and riches to one’s life.

It is a blessing for me to assist the transformational process of a soul.
Witnessing as a partner the journey to higher realms it is the ultimate purpose of my life.

I listen.
I listen completely with my whole being and it is not only the words, but also the silence between them revealing the ultimate truth of the being.

If I am, everything else is. If I am pure love, then everything else also is.


Our paths might be different, but our destination is same.

I was always very intrigued by different cultures and came to understand that even if the cultures are different but human beings are all same. We are all connected to each other, and we all have same sets of emotions which affect us when the situation arises.

I feel a tremendous sense of joy journeying together. When one is ready, the process of transformation begins and progresses towards the betterment of the soul as a whole.
I strongly believe that one cannot change others, but only oneself, that too, if one really wants to. I will be a co traveler in your journey and will let you alight at a place where you are strong and safe and will not need a shoulder when situation arises.

You yourself will become light for others.

ABOUT Arvind

Arvind is an internationally accredited life entrepreneur and consciousness mentor who strives to assist people to reach the level of total Forgiveness, Eternal Gratitude and Unconditional Love.

As a pillar of Life Wings community, he is a highly qualified Consciousness Mentor working hard to spread wellbeing and peace into the world.
With his diverse diplomatic background, spanning from European, Middle East and Singaporean experiences, Arvind has the ability to attend any soul within its cultural individuality.
Arvind lives in the metropolis of Singapore, with his wife and 21y old son. Born in Sri Lanka, Arvind grew up, as the one son of a diplomat father, traveling all over the world. Studied in Iraq before the Iraq – Iran war, then in India, London and in Austria. Lived in Geneva for some time and often visited France, Italy, and Germany.
Worked in India and Dubai and now settled in Singapore.
As a result of the constant traveling and accommodating between the cultures, Arvind has now the ability to step into the shoes of peoples from all walks of life understanding their emotional and mental patterns.
Arvind developed an impressive career first in tourism and hospitality, and then in business, experience which allows him to connect to a corporate mindset too.

The last two years have been extremely challenging for Arvind, due to which he realized that nothing in the world value more than the wellbeing of people. He became aware that his life purpose is to dedicate himself to bringing peace into people’s life.
Overcoming challenging circumstances in his own journey, enables Arvind with tools, insights and the understanding required to empower individuals. His experiences of spiritual transformation are most valuable.


The first step to receiving an answer is being brave enough to ask a question.
You can’t heal without answers.

I would love to hear your story!

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    The first step to receive an answer is
    being brave enough to ask a question.
    You can’t heal without your answers.
    We would love to hear your story!

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