What is consciousness?


What is consciousness? What means awakening to it?

As a child I thought that the greatest mystery of the universe is hidden out in the space, in the middle of the galaxies and the billions of stars that exists. Or, maybe, in the quantum space at the atomic and subatomic level.
Both are phenomenal and unbelievable fields that we only understand a tiny fragment of.

At the age of 10, I was already questioning the origin of our existence.
I searched through science the reasons of being, but the answer was far behind what logical mind can understand.
It is an amazing thing how science & school fail to mention one word.
The word that could really explain us everything… and… that is CONSCIOUSNESS.

The most fundamental mystery of our existence is consciousness.

So, what is it?
I imagine it as the completeness of all being, containing all that IS.
All physical and nonphysical. All knowledge, emotions, feelings, memories, dreams and hopes, all suffering, all pain and joy, it is everything that has been and could be experienced in all times, all lives, and all dimensions.
And this would be the collective consciousness.

To be more conceptual I would try to define consciousness as an infinite self-generating and self-transforming energy field where each particle contains all collective and individual information.
The vibration of the particles determines the level of consciousness of the form that includes them.
When it comes about individual consciousness, we are like tiny energy dots, each with a unique informational matrix generated by our own personal and all global experiences.
Depending on the vibrational frequency of these particles we are more or less conscious beings.
When consciousness arises, means that the energy elevates its vibration and above a certain point awakening happens.
It is not something that you can do or create.
It just occurs.
Huge amounts of energy are needed to provoke such leap.
And these are created commonly by life crises, shocking events or close to death experiences.
The most common is to go through very difficult moments in life.
When the whole world around crashes and we struggle and fight till we get to the bottom.
And then….. there…. is nothing!

It feels like there is nothing left to lose or to fight for.
It´s over.
It seems that you give up or you don´t care anymore, but actually you just let go.
As you release yourself from the pain you carry,
the energy behind it,
gives you the shock and elevates your vibrational frequency.
So… you awaken!
Awakening means that the awareness of self occurs.
You become conscious about the existence of self and start to disidentify yourself from your thoughts and feelings.
As you go on, you step into the path of consciousness elevation.
Information that once was hidden, starts to reveal itself.
You recreate your vision about life, you restructure your values and priorities in a constructive positive manner that supports evolution and well being.
Although amazing, the process is a complex and deep transformation of self and mostly require external help from family, friends, or mentors.
But as you move on fun begins!
Hoping that you find this helpful.
Any questions you might have you know how to find me.

How to start a proper self-development process?


How to start a proper self-development process?

First, as referred to many times, awakening happens to you. It is not something that you can do or create. It simply occurs.
No deep conversations have the energy to pull a soul above the level of sleepiness if the soul does not require it.
I had many requests to help awaken relatives, especially loved ones, but some people are desperate to stay unconscious. The information we share is just simply not getting through their EGO´s filter.
The moment of awakening although magical it is a moment of mixed feelings.
When you become conscious about the existence of yourself it could be really scary because after the first euphoric moment anger arises in form of resentment.
You start to question everything around you and feel like you do not fit into your life anymore.
Huge wave of information that once was hidden start flowing to you and despite all that you learned these seem to make sense.
But only for you!
This is also confusing as you might have nobody to embrace you and guide you through it.
It is a funny fact how you start to hear, see, and feel or sense yourself,
like someone else stepped into your skin.
That happens because you start to dis-identify yourself from your thoughts and feelings.
You become an observer of yourself.
Every day you spend more and more time being PRESENT.
The first mistake you should avoid is to start doing all kind of classes and courses just to satisfy your mind´s hunger.
Your EGO forces you to know more and more as if what you already know about this new “something” would be enough.
It is not new!
You´ll discover as soon as you silence your mind that the intelligence arises beyond thought.
There is all within you already.
That is pure consciousness.
And from that arise all the things that truly matter — beauty, love, creativity, joy, inner peace.
So just STOP and slow down, pay attention to what life brings to you.
Focus within yourself. Just observe what you think, how you feel, how you behave. First step is accepting yourself as you are with all your shadow.
Stop wanting to change anything it is too early, and you might find yourself very soon entangled in all those feeling and thoughts.
Spend the first couple of weeks by practicing presence and to make it easier for you I recommend reading Eckhart Tolle´s book “The Power of Now”. Listen to him on YouTube it will give you a strong base for your process. If his voice does not resonate with you then find one that it does.
To keep you on track in your searching I’ll define the state of presence.
Being present means that you are completely aware about the self.
You sense your body and the space around it.
You observe your feelings and thoughts without identifying yourself with them.
If you manage to be highly alert for a few minutes you´ll notice how thought and feeling stops and peace arises within you.
As you practice, these moments will come easier and faster and will last longer.
You will be dragged out from this state as soon as and only if you allow thought to bring in something from the past or from the future.
So, the next step would be to learn a mind control technique to help you to control your thoughts.
Thought happens to you, it rises and it grows to a continuous stream of thinking that we mistakenly identify with.
Considering that negative thoughts are destructive to us it is important to control them.
So, we play the game of caching negative thought and the moment you start watching the thinker the fun begins.
The key is to catch yourself as soon as you realise you are thinking negative and switch it to something that you appreciate instead.
If you have difficulties with these two steps, then yes you can seek a professional´s help. Start to research but carefully go with the ideas that make sense to you.
From experience I could say that the more promises and the shinier is, less content will give you. The more they mystify and the more they want to change you and impose you their ideas the less they can help you.
Let your instinct guide you to your ideal mentor, who resonates with you at all levels and everything he or she says makes complete sense to you.
And finally, when you master PRESENCE and MIND CONTROL, you´ll notice that the so desired life change is already happening to you.
When you proceed alone the duration of such self-work is from six month to a year. The reason of this is the existence of the ego – your mind programming, which could make the whole process somewhat difficult and painful.
Your ego´s flexibility or rigidity will define the level of your suffering.
As it´s only job is to keep you safe in your own comfort zone, it will fight against you at each step you make towards evolution. It will obstruct you by bringing to the surface all repressed and suppressed negative emotions and force you to face them.
Which although painful, is the only way that evolution is possible.
Because the ego is just as smart and evolved as you are, this is the moment that you should consider looking for external help of a professional
A professional who aligns knowledge to your own individuality and facilitates your unique vision about self.
Hoping that you find this helpful.
Any questions you know how to find me.

Who is a consciousness therapist?

Who is a consciousness therapist? And what it can do for you?

A consciousness therapist is a person who has the knowledge, experience, and ability to guide you through your process of awakening and help you grow by elevating your level of consciousness.
What that means in your daily life?
Awakening means that the awareness of self occurs. You become conscious about the existence of self and start to dis-identify yourself from your thoughts and feelings. In other words, you become an observer of yourself. And you feel like you don´t fit into your life anymore.
We were born connected to the truth. As babies we were happy, been present, giving unconditional love, enjoying life…. And along the way something happened.
Depending on our educational and social programming we grow to a more or less conscious being.
Less means you are completely identified with your conceptual mind and more means you are free from all thought and emotion.
Our level of evolution determines if we bring poverty or abundance into our lives.
As we become conscious, information that once was hidden it starts to reveal itself. We finally understand why our life unfolds the way it does. Read more



Hi there I’m CriStina and I’d like to answer the question you maybe asking now:
Who is CriStina?
Normally here I should write big shiny words… like expert, specialist, professional… but for what reason? No goodwill for you in that, so I will just present myself:
I am a child and a mother.
I am a wife and a lover.
I am a business woman and a worker.
I am a friend and a partner.
I am a dreamer and a life designer.
I am a normal human being who once decided that struggling and suffering is not a lifestyle. Pain is not an option anymore!
I was lost and felt helpless. I was frustrated for the past and always worrying about the future. I was struggling to survive.
These feelings are more than familiar to you?!
I´ve been there, I know how it feels and I know how to get out from there.
This is the main cause of me founding LifeWings Consulting.
I know that everybody have a chance for happiness with an appropriate guidance.
And I know that changing your life it’s easy if you just go about it in the right way.
So I just create this page and I intend to reach as many of you as possible.
I want to be that person to whom you look and say:
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This is my dream and I am just living it!