Who is a consciousness therapist? And what it can do for you?

A consciousness therapist is a person who has the knowledge, experience, and ability to guide you through your process of awakening and help you grow by elevating your level of consciousness.
What that means in your daily life?
Awakening means that the awareness of self occurs. You become conscious about the existence of self and start to dis-identify yourself from your thoughts and feelings. In other words, you become an observer of yourself. And you feel like you don´t fit into your life anymore.
We were born connected to the truth. As babies we were happy, been present, giving unconditional love, enjoying life…. And along the way something happened.
Depending on our educational and social programming we grow to a more or less conscious being.
Less means you are completely identified with your conceptual mind and more means you are free from all thought and emotion.
Our level of evolution determines if we bring poverty or abundance into our lives.
As we become conscious, information that once was hidden it starts to reveal itself. We finally understand why our life unfolds the way it does. Read more

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