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We all have the option to live the life we most desire. For this, we have to become aware of everything we think, we do, or we feel. So, we could guide ourselves to a better conscious future self.

Your consciousness is the totality of all your knowledge, experiences, emotions, feelings, thoughts, memories, dreams, goals, all pain and happiness . . . all that you ever have been lived through.

Awakening is a learning process of connecting yourself with your consciousness.

We were born connected to the truth, and depending on our educational and social programming we grow to a more or less conscious being. People that are carrying less consciousness bring poverty circumstances into their lives, while those with a higher consciousness bring abundance into their lives.
The moment of awakening is like turning on the light in a dark room, we can finally see everything what’s in there. It is like:
Wow! Everything makes sense!

As we become conscious, information that once was hidden it starts to reveal itself. We finally understand why life happens the way it does. How do we create our life? How do we destroy it? Why we suffer and how to end it?



Definitely to YOU!
Nothing in this world happens by chance. There is no such thing as luck or accident.
Every little thing in your life happens for a certain reason, you may not see it all now, but you will, before long.
So, if you are reading these words and you get further than the first line this training is for you. If you feel that life is not what you desire and you are determined to change it, then give yourself a chance and pay attention to what we have to say. It is not enough to be broke, ill, frustrated or stressed in life you have to desire a better world to live in.




A few years ago we were walking in your shoes. We had exactly the same difficulties, fears and frustrations, living the same unfulfilled and meaningless life.
We started to search for reasons, explanations, solutions and we finally found our answers. We realised that everything we most desire is waiting for us, we just have to learn how to reach it.
Life Wings was created with the goal of bringing this wisdom to you. We put together the best theories and practices that helped us to get through very tough times and create this program.

This training allows you a deep analysing, correct understanding and constructive orientation of your state of consciousness.
With powerful tools, we give you access to all information that you need to understand your existence, your purpose, your potentials, your emotions and feelings, to overpass all obstacles and fears. So, together we can set up your own amazing way of life.
This event is a primary level training meant to elevate your consciousness, is exclusively for those who are looking for answers and want to know as much as possible about themselves.

During these few hours, we will pass to you all the knowledge and practice that you need to move forward to your higher consciousness.

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    First, you’ll become aware of why you live your life the way you do and doesn’t matter how bad it looks you do have everything you need to improve it.
    You’ll see that you are not alone and you’ll learn that accepting help is not a weakness.

    You`ll get to know yourself.
    You´ll find out what drives you and how to get the best of yourself.
    Learn to overpass negative feelings and how to instantly FEEL GOOD, empowered and fearless.

    You´ll get an authentic map of your reality and a precise image of the desired life.

    Manage your relations with others and yourself. Create easy connections with people. How to create empathy and why is that so important.

    You´ll learn to take responsibility for your own life. Why act and not just react, and how to do that. How to switch your mind from a complaining one to a solution looking one. How to create a structured positive thinking, moulded in your own way, that leads to the riches you desire.

    You learn to open your eyes and mind to all possibilities.
    How to recognise true desires and dreams and turn them into goals.
    How to break them down into pieces that you can easily puzzle.
    How to visualise realistic future images in order to create them, why and how that works.


    Your Art of Consciousness Course Curriculum



    MODULE 1

    The importance of being present & living a conscious life.

    How to bring consciousness into your day by day life.

    What is consciousness? What means awakening to it? How to experience a seamless transformational journey. What to aspect and how to prepare yourself for it. Awakening is the first step of connecting yourself with your consciousness. The learning process explained simple. What means being present and how to achieve it in your daily activities. Stepping into the path of self-awareness & presence state.



    MODULE 2

    Awareness of conceptual mind and existence.

    Awareness of the existence of self.

    Learn to hear, see, and feel yourself. Sense your body and the space around it. What we are made of? How we became ourselves? Experiencing our multiple body system. Our pulsing vibrating energy matrix brings in itself our karma and soul history, all joy and pain we experienced, involving our actual emotional state and the physical body.
    Understanding the Ego, how to handle it and lead yourself through your persona´s filter.



    MODULE 3

    The most fundamental mystery of our existence.

    The mysterious connection between consciousness, emotion and thought.

    We are like tiny energy dots in the infinite energy field of consciousness. Unique informational matrix determined by all individual and collective experiences. The impact of knowing that, on our daily life. Understand the levels of consciousness and it´s elevation process. Recognise the level of each area and aspect of your life. Evolve through releasing yourself by letting go of the related pain of the past and the fear of the future. Stepping into the path of consciousness elevation.



    MODULE 4

    Causality and responsibility. Creation & control of thought.

    You either create or allow everything that happens in your life.

    Responses! Understand, analyse and control them, from the simple daily routine to the difficult life changing decisions. A reaction has the charge of the event. A response is in accordance with the desired outcome. How to stop the flow of negative thoughts and transform them in constructive positive thinking. Learn powerful methods for you to respond rather than react to life’s challenges. Dominating thoughts are shaping our reality. What means dominating thought & feeling? Observation through the state of presence allows us to see clearly what and how to adjust to reach the most impact on our daily processes. Thinking as a happening or as a doing.



    MODULE 5

    Handling emotions. Breaking the critical moment.

    Emotion as an amplified and energised thought pattern.

    Emotion as the everyday struggle. Understanding the mechanism of emotions and the most common ways of handling them. The huge influence of our social and childhood programming. The origins of negative emotions within us. Stress as the product of the pressure of suppressed and repressed feelings. Awareness of the energetic value of denied and resisted emotions. From loss of consciousness to illness and death. The role of challenges and obstacles in our evolution. How to maintain presence in turbulent moments. Easy practice tools. Overcoming deep-rooted mental and emotional conditioning.



    MODULE 6

    Transcending the negative into positive. Presence & Meditation.

    Life is meant to challenge us because that’s how we grow.

    Control of self, the beginning of the emotion´s transformational process. We take ourselves up on each level of the consciousness from shame, guilt… to fear…to courage or even to joy. Expending the awareness of the moment as a powerful tool. Understanding the process of emotion transformation. The state of presence as the only manifestation way of consciousness. Meditation as the adventure of the transformation process. Learn to control and calm your mind by meditating properly and fit this into your busy life. Relaxing, targeting and programming. Letting go the awareness, acceptance, observation and dissipation of energy behind feelings. Growing through your challenges and learning to Let Go.



    MODULE 7

    The importance of learning, adopting, and applying a positive structured thinking.

    Teach the mind to operate right and it will serve you the best.

    Problem focused minds are blind to their reality. The type of thinking that follows certain steps, beginning with acknowledging & identifying the current reality, setting up goals, finding solutions and taking action. How to recognise true desires and dreams and turn them into goals. How to break them down into pieces that you can easily puzzle. How to visualise realistic future images in order to manifest them, why and how that works. The human mind as a live GPS. Implementing a real change in life implies considering it in its whole complexity, analysing from various angles all its weaknesses, but also all the possibilities. Gaining a greater awareness of who we are.



    MODULE 8

    Conscious self and interpersonal relationships.

    If you know the rules of the mind, you can do anything with it!

    Conscious Relationships with others, ourselves and the world around us. The importance of knowing & understanding ourselves and others. Relational awareness and compassion. We are not so different but still different. Personality types as indicators for healthy relationships. Empathy as the key to conscious relationships. Self knowledge through the awareness of our roots. How and why they drive us. Understanding the life circle of values – beliefs – emotions – behaviour. Stepping into conscious self & interpersonal relationships.


    Our mission is demystifying and simplifying the world´s wisdom so you can easily translate into a fulfilled and better life to live.



    I am a life entrepreneur, internationally accredited mindset designer on a mission to raise human consciousness and make this world a better place to live in. Sounds great?! But before all this . . .
    I was born as an empath which was overwhelming and scary at times. Until the day I became one with my true self. Empaths are highly sensitive beings, who have a keen ability to sense what people around them are thinking and feeling. They are capable of reading others without obvious cues and can describe what’s really going on beneath the surface. It is both a blessing and a curse to feel everything so very deeply.
    After 15 years of business development I gave up on everything and stepped onto the path of self development. Not because of any true conscious calling or any sacred desire to change the world, but simply to make my own life better. At the beginning it was like walking on fire every single step was burning my soul. I had to understand my existence, my feelings, my thoughts. I had to face my fears and all my shadows. The hardest part was to let go of the pain of the past and the expectations of the future, being simply PRESENT – enjoying life. It worked out so well that I started to share all this knowledge and experiences with my friends so they can enjoy their lives as well.
    And this is what I can bring to your life too, help you end your suffering and find the joy of living.




    This event is a 2 days primary level intensive training. With an hour lunch time and two 20 minutes coffee breaks. The theoretical and practical parts are organised in an interactive and joyful manner. You don’t have to bring any material, we provide all you need to attend this event.


    This event is not advertising or selling any other products or programs.
    We are offering you the essence of self-development, containing everything you need to succeed on your own.

    Lisbon – coming soon (pre-registration)
    Porto – coming soon (pre-registration)
    Lagos – coming soon (pre-registration)

    Price (per person / VAT included):

    450 €

    As seats are strictly limited, to guarantee your place, you´ll need to pay the registration fee of 50€ (non-refundable due to no-shows or withdrawals), to be deducted from the course fee.




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