Escape to a truly unique and stunning cliff-top retreat in Portugal only 60 minutes from Faro Airport, in the amazing historic town of Lagos.
Enjoy, relax and reset your mindset learning valuable skills that will last a lifetime.

Nothing in this world happens by chance.
There is no such thing as luck or accident.
Every little thing in your life happens for a certain reason, you may not see it all now but you will, before long.

Just by our simple existence we are constantly creating.
We create our suffering as well as our happiness.
The more awareness and the better understanding of how life unfolds from within, the more wellbeing we can create for ourselves and others.
Our self-transformational approach of life focuses on liberating the mind and moving towards deeper understanding & acceptance.


Twelve spots are available for each six-night retreat at a cost of
2920€ (shared room/price per person) / 3320€ (single room/price per person).
This price covers the complete program, day trips and activities, 2 meals and accommodation.


Everything that you most desire in life is waiting for you, you just have to learn how to bring it into reality.

Imagine for a second the amazing world you could create if you would have the tools to align with your true self, free from old limiting beliefs and emotions and connect with a deep sense of purpose, meaning and passion for life.
In this retreat you’ll learn these tools and you´ll leave feeling empowered, inspired and rejuvenated, within the possession of all you need to move forward. This retreat is a life changing, seven days journey into consciousness.
On this popular retreat, you will learn to create a structured positive thinking, moulded in your own way that leads to the riches you desire. You´ll practice daily creative meditation for a perfectly healthy body and mind. So when you go back home you have everything you need to move forward.
The retreat fee includes accommodation, all meals and various activities during your stay.



Discover how to practice positive structured thinking, creative meditation and presence on a daily bases.
Learn powerful methods to overtake obstacles and fears, with emotional intelligence and mental toughness.
Reset yourself and start to build the path of your own amazing new life.


Food in Portugal is a cause for celebration! The list of reasons why to love Portugal is long, very long. From the goodwill of the people to the blue ocean, the all year round sunshine, the landscape and architecture. But at the very top of the list is the outstandingly delicious Portuguese food!


The outstanding landscape of Lagos is one in life time experience. The small town is surrounded  by 10 km of walkable picturesque coast line and 11 different beaches. Even more exciting, we booked kayak tours, boat trip and unique surf experiences. Also, Lagos and Sagres are an open time gate, immersing into the proud history of the Conquerors of the World.


As a result, you’ll walk away with a new sense of Self as a superior human being with greater understanding, compassion and patience. You’ll take powerful tools and insights back into your daily life so that you can continue to live and create a better life.


A relaxing atmosphere, surrounded by nature in a life style dedicated resort.

An elegant and sophisticated experience in one of the most luxurious 5-star hotels in the Algarve.

Delicious, healthy Portuguese food.

Daily centering meditation practice (healing, positive affirmation, inner peace)

Daily creative meditation practice (goal targeting, visualisation, problem solving)

Free time to enjoy sightseeing, coast and beach walks, kayak tours and boat trips or just simply relaxing.


  • How to bring consciousness in your day by day life.
  • How to be present, releasing yourself from the pain of the past and the fear of the future.
  • How to practice creative meditation and still mind. Learn to control and calm your mind and fit this into your busy life.
  • How to stop the flow of negative thoughts and transform them in constructive positive thinking. Learn powerful methods for you to respond rather than react to life’s challenges.
  • Learn to create a structured positive thinking, moulded in your own way that leads to the riches you desire.
  • How to map your reality and create a precise image of the desired life.
  • How to switch your mindset to a solution orientated one.
  • How to recognise true desires and dreams and turn them into goals. How to break them down into pieces that you can easily puzzle.
  • How to visualise realistic future images in order to create them, why and how that works.
  • Manage all types of relationships with ourselves, others and with the world around us. Learn to create empathy and why is that so important.
  • Know your values and beliefs, how they guide your life and how to reorganise them. How to break through limiting beliefs and negative thinking patterns. How to understand and overtake your fears so that they no longer define you.
  • Learn to raise your consciousness through releasing the pain behind negative feelings. Resolve the emotional burden of the past crises and learn to manage conflicts in the present.


  • A workbook and meditation audio pack to keep for life.
  • An invitation to participate in a 6 weeks ‘consciousness challenge’ to share post – retreat experiences.
  • An invitation to become a conscious member of our Life Wings community.
  • Two online individual coaching sessions post-retreat (during the first 6 weeks) to support your integration of the creative meditation and positive structured thinking into your life.

ABOUT CriStina

Cristina is an internationally renowned soul entrepreneur and awareness mentor who strives to raise human consciousness and make the world a better place to live and work in.

Life Wings founder, CriStina is a highly qualified Consciousness trainer and mentor of the Conscious Being and Conscious Mind programs.

With her diverse background, spanning from corporate business to advanced spiritual experiences, CriStina has the ability to attend all levels of the soul.
When she listens, she listen completely, attentively and it is not only the words, but also the feeling which is being conveyed.
She has been in your shoes and has overcome exceptionally challenging circumstances, which gives her the insight and understanding you require to succeed. Her experiences of transformation are most valuable.

Her mission is demystifying and simplifying the world´s wisdom so you can easily translate into a fulfilled and better life to live.


Conveniently located only 60 minutes from Faro Airport, Cascade is a perfect combination between a peaceful getaway and an exciting unique experience.
A place where you can unwind, grow and discover.

Enjoying a truly unique and stunning cliff-top location in Portugal, Cascade Wellness Resort is one of the most luxurious 5-star hotels in the Algarve, offering an elegant and sophisticated life time experience.
The resort is dedicated to health and well-being, is distinguished by its tranquil location close to the historic town of Lagos, the Costa Vincentina National Park and the breathtaking beaches of the Algarve coast.


Faro International Airport
There are many transportation options available upon arrival at Faro International Airport, including airport shuttles, taxis, private car service, and car rentals. Driving time is approximately 1 hour. Please contact us on if you need help.
Parking at the Cascade Wellness Resort is available and it is free of charge.


Twelve spots are available for each six-night retreat at a cost of
2920€ (shared room/price per person) / 3320€ (single room/price per person).
This price covers the complete program, day trips and activities, meals and accommodation.
Best price from Life Wings. No reseller fees included.
All ticket prices are inclusive of VAT.
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