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Hi there I’m CriStina and I’d like to answer the question you maybe asking now:
Who is CriStina?
Normally here I should write big shiny words… like expert, specialist, professional… but for what reason? No goodwill for you in that, so I will just present myself:
I am a child and a mother.
I am a wife and a lover.
I am a business woman and a worker.
I am a friend and a partner.
I am a dreamer and a life designer.
I am a normal human being who once decided that struggling and suffering is not a lifestyle. Pain is not an option anymore!
I was lost and felt helpless. I was frustrated for the past and always worrying about the future. I was struggling to survive.
These feelings are more than familiar to you?!
I´ve been there, I know how it feels and I know how to get out from there.
This is the main cause of me founding LifeWings Consulting.
I know that everybody have a chance for happiness with an appropriate guidance.
And I know that changing your life it’s easy if you just go about it in the right way.
So I just create this page and I intend to reach as many of you as possible.
I want to be that person to whom you look and say:
You helped me to make it!
This is my dream and I am just living it!