During uncertainties, we tend to become negative due to overthinking, which arises from dwelling more in the past and future than focusing on the present. While we have no control over what is happening outside, we do have power over our own mind. We can control what we feel and what to think.
Our self-transformational approach of life focuses on liberating the mind and moving towards deeper understanding & acceptance.
We can help you to shifting your vision from adversities to possibilities with emotional intelligence and mental toughness.

Life Wings

    Life Wings



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    1º Basic support on your path of consciousness development.
    2º Free knowledge, mediational soundtracks, and eventually books and relevant videos.
    3º Invitation to all our free and paid webinars, workshops, events and other actions.

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    Education is something everybody should be able to afford. Sadly, in self-development area this isn’t the case. Looking to change that, we decided to offer different ranges of payments from generosity to hardship, and even ZERO for those in need but ready to grow. For our full Conscious Being 8-week online courses you just pay what you can afford! We are more like a community of sorts, with people of all different walks of life coming together, socialising, and getting the experience that they would not otherwise be able to. To sustain this, we will need funding of course and that is why we are asking everybody to pay what they can in order to make a difference. Everybody participating cares about one another, and this is definitely the kind of togetherness that this world needs. Let’s create a difference together!

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