7-days RETREAT**

During uncertainties, we tend to become negative due to overthinking, which arises from dwelling more in the past and future than focusing on the present. While we have no control over what is happening outside, we do have power over our own mind. We can control what we feel and what to think.

Our self-transformational approach of life, focuses on liberating the mind and moving towards deeper understanding & acceptance.
We can help you to shift your vision from adversities to possibilities with emotional intelligence and mental toughness.




    ** DETAILS

    Twelve spots are available for each six-night retreat at a cost of
    2920€ (shared/pp)
    3320€ (single/pp)
    The price covers the complete program, day trips and activities, meals and accommodation.
    Booking conditions:
    Required deposit 500€ (non-refundable)
    Remaining amount to be paid 30 days before arrival.

    **Booking enquiries are non-binding and subject to confirmation

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    Life Wings – Mythos Clinic

    Monday – Saturday: 15pm – 19pm Rua Fernão Vilarinho, lt.15, lj.4,
    Meia Praia, Lagos, Portugal.