• My thoughts, my surrounding, my life was a chaos! I was struggling and stressed like most people around me. I thought that´s normal until I met CriStina. After releasing all my negativity I just made the first steps to happiness: ACCEPTING and FORGIVING myself. Through her program, I’ve learned that I have the power to change my life. Now I have the courage to be myself and live the life I always wanted.

  • First I became more confident and optimistic about my life. Then I learned to use my power to achieve my goals. CriStina´s program made me aware and conscious of my potential and about the importance of being MYSELF. She taught me how to clear my mind of negative thoughts so I should focus on my goals. With her help, I finally find my career´s path and start to live fully.

  • The best decision of my life was to attend CriStina´s program! Resetting my mind and seeing the world from this new perspective it’s beyond powerful! Discovering that I am capable to achieve all my dreams, fascinated me. Taking control over my own life was the most liberating and most amazing feeling that any program could give. Thank you from my heart!

  • Five months ago I met my real self for the very first time! I never really “fit in”. I always felt that is something wrong with me. So I asked for help and I found it here with CriStina`s program. I don’t want anymore to fit in somebody else’s world I am PERFECT in my own one! I overcome my fears and move forward in life. It was like learning to walk again, but this time I was learning to fly!