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What is consciousness?


What is consciousness? What means awakening to it?

As a child I thought that the greatest mystery of the universe is hidden out in the space, in the middle of the galaxies and the billions of stars that exists. Or, maybe, in the quantum space at the atomic and subatomic level.
Both are phenomenal and unbelievable fields that we only understand a tiny fragment of.

At the age of 10, I was already questioning the origin of our existence.
I searched through science the reasons of being, but the answer was far behind what logical mind can understand.
It is an amazing thing how science & school fail to mention one word.
The word that could really explain us everything… and… that is CONSCIOUSNESS.

The most fundamental mystery of our existence is consciousness.

So, what is it?
I imagine it as the completeness of all being, containing all that IS.
All physical and nonphysical. All knowledge, emotions, feelings, memories, dreams and hopes, all suffering, all pain and joy, it is everything that has been and could be experienced in all times, all lives, and all dimensions.
And this would be the collective consciousness.

To be more conceptual I would try to define consciousness as an infinite self-generating and self-transforming energy field where each particle contains all collective and individual information.
The vibration of the particles determines the level of consciousness of the form that includes them.
When it comes about individual consciousness, we are like tiny energy dots, each with a unique informational matrix generated by our own personal and all global experiences.
Depending on the vibrational frequency of these particles we are more or less conscious beings.
When consciousness arises, means that the energy elevates its vibration and above a certain point awakening happens.
It is not something that you can do or create.
It just occurs.
Huge amounts of energy are needed to provoke such leap.
And these are created commonly by life crises, shocking events or close to death experiences.
The most common is to go through very difficult moments in life.
When the whole world around crashes and we struggle and fight till we get to the bottom.
And then….. there…. is nothing!

It feels like there is nothing left to lose or to fight for.
It´s over.
It seems that you give up or you don´t care anymore, but actually you just let go.
As you release yourself from the pain you carry,
the energy behind it,
gives you the shock and elevates your vibrational frequency.
So… you awaken!
Awakening means that the awareness of self occurs.
You become conscious about the existence of self and start to disidentify yourself from your thoughts and feelings.
As you go on, you step into the path of consciousness elevation.
Information that once was hidden, starts to reveal itself.
You recreate your vision about life, you restructure your values and priorities in a constructive positive manner that supports evolution and well being.
Although amazing, the process is a complex and deep transformation of self and mostly require external help from family, friends, or mentors.
But as you move on fun begins!
Hoping that you find this helpful.
Any questions you might have you know how to find me.