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Who is a consciousness therapist?

Who is a consciousness therapist? And what it can do for you?

A consciousness therapist is a person who has the knowledge, experience, and ability to guide you through your process of awakening and help you grow by elevating your level of consciousness.
What that means in your daily life?
Awakening means that the awareness of self occurs. You become conscious about the existence of self and start to dis-identify yourself from your thoughts and feelings. In other words, you become an observer of yourself. And you feel like you don´t fit into your life anymore.
We were born connected to the truth. As babies we were happy, been present, giving unconditional love, enjoying life…. And along the way something happened.
Depending on our educational and social programming we grow to a more or less conscious being.
Less means you are completely identified with your conceptual mind and more means you are free from all thought and emotion.
Our level of evolution determines if we bring poverty or abundance into our lives.
As we become conscious, information that once was hidden it starts to reveal itself. We finally understand why our life unfolds the way it does.We get answers to the most frequently asked questions:
Why am I constantly stressed?
How can I get my life under control?
Why do I feel sad and get depressed and anxious?
Why do I lack energy?
Why it is that even in positive circumstances nothing works out as I desire?
What it is that am I doing wrong?
Elevating the level of consciousness is far more complex than just simply setting goals or learn a stress control technique or even to meditate, although these are absolute necessities.
The transformational process is wonderful, but at the same time complex and deep.
It is based on understanding your emotions, your thoughts, and liberating yourself by letting go the pain of the past and the fear of the future. Becoming completely PRESENT.
When you free yourself from the emotional and mental garbage that you carry, your whole being becomes lighter. All areas of your life (work, relationships, parenthood, love …) start to flow to a general well-being.It is mistakenly considered that only gifted and spiritual people are able to elevate their consciousness. This is for everyone who desires to live a better and more fulfilled life and is willing to put in the time and effort required.
Although simple, the process could be somewhat difficult and painful, depending of the depth of your childhood programming.
In other words, your egos flexibility or rigidity will define the level of your suffering.
As the Ego´s only job is to keep you safe and in your comfort zone, it feels threatened with every single step that you take towards evolution and will start to defend itself. And that generates the suffering.
The support of a consciousness therapist makes this process easier, faster, and bearable.
Guidance and orientation are vital when dealing with your Ego because it is just as smart and evolved as you are, and it is using powerful obstacles to obstruct your evolution.
Helping people elevating their consciousness is an amazing experience for me.
Nothing could be more fulfilling, but hearing the words:
Wow, this makes a lot of sense.
I never thought about it like this…
I finally understand…
I made it…
It feels so good …
I feel strong…
Hey my headache just disappeared… I feel no pressure anymore…
I had no panic attack since….
I don´t remember the day I was stressed last time…
So, if you look closer you notice that there is no magic about this. Behind those shiny words like consciousness elevation lies an absolutely natural growing process for all beings.
As a consciousness therapist my aim is to give you the knowledge, tools, and experience to become a balanced, peaceful, confident, autonomous, and independent being.
Because, life should not be about struggling and suffering, but about growth, creation, and well being.
And this is what a consciousness therapist can bring into your life too, help you end your struggles and find the joy of living.